Frontline: The Retirement Gamble

I wanted to share this great documentary with everyone because it really validates what Phil Cannella, Joann Small and Crash Proof Retirement™ are trying to do here. The documentary is from the PBS show Frontline, and is entitled “The Retirement Gamble.” Throughout the program, they highlight all of the shady goings-on within the retirement and financial planning industries which illustrates how corrupt it actually is. When you think about the way that Crash Proof Retirement™ operates, it’s a breath of fresh air compared to the stories shared by the retirees in this documentary. It’s about an hour long, so if you have some time to watch, I encourage you to do that, as it will re-affirm the way we do business every single day.

You can watch it here at Frontline: The Retirement Gamble

Frontline The Retirement Gamble

Frontline: The Retirement Gamble

After seeing this, you will really see how Crash Proof Retirement™ is so different from every other financial company out there.

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