Best cities in which to retire

Picking a place to retire to is a hard decision. You have to think about where you currently live, where you want to be, healthcare, and how far away you want to be away from your family.

Milken Institute ranked the top 100 cities in America that mark the best opportunities for retirees and narrowed it down to the top 10 best places for those who are 65 years and older. Here are a few from the list.

  1. Madison, Wisconsin. Madison, Wisconsin is the number one city for seniors to retire, says Milken Institute. It’s an ideal city because of it’s high employment rate and low poverty rate in their senior citizens. There’s also not much crime and they have a decent amount of good quality health care
  2. Provo, Utah. Provo was once the top place for seniors to live on the Milken Institute guide; however, Madison knocked it out of its place. The residents of Provo are generally healthy and active. The city itself is safe and it has low smoking rates as well. Provo is also the lowest ranking metropolitan city when it comes to diabetes.
  3. Salt Lake City, Utah. Utah seems to be the place to be, huh? The Capital of Utah is doing well economically and even has a high rate of employment of seniors. There are many different community colleges that can give seniors a little refresher or help them get the education they need to switch careers. The city also has a huge number of heath care providers and caregivers.

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