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Best cities in which to retire

Picking a place to retire to is a hard decision. You have to think about where you currently live, where you want to be, healthcare, and how far away you want to be away from your family. Milken Institute ranked the top 100 cities in America that mark the best opportunities for retirees and narrowed it down to the top 10 best places for those who are 65 years and older. Here are a few from the list. Madison, Wisconsin. Madison, Wisconsin is the number Read More +

Phil Cannella Crash Proofs the Retirement of Stephen and Sandy Desirey

The exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System, created by Phil Cannella, has helped Crash Proof the retirement nest-eggs of thousands of people in or near retirement and secure their retirement futures; Stephen and Sandy Desirey of Skippack, PA. are Crash Proof Consumers. Stephen Desirey is a retired chemical engineer, and his wife Sandy heard about the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System back in 2010. Unhappy with the advisor they had at the time, the Desireys decided it was time for a change. Stephen and Sandy knew Read More +

Phil Cannella Says Get Off the Market

Phil Cannella repeats the age old adage of investing: “buy low & sell high.” Markets reached an all-time high a few months ago and investors, feeling bullish stayed on the market in the hopes of making even more and riding the wave only to see the markets tumble in just a few weeks by 10% – 20%. In the last week, markets have seen increased volatility with big drops in the Dow, S&P 500 & NASDAQ. Phil Cannella insists that now is the time to Read More +

Phil Cannella and Joann Small of Crash Proof Retirement

Last year, Phil Cannella and Joann Small gave me the opportunity to join the Crash Proof Retirement Design Team as a Processor for First Senior Financial Group. Once our Crash Proof Retirement educators have met with interested consumers, my job is to process the applications and documents necessary to complete the safe transfer of assets from risk-laden investments to the secure insurance carriers that offer Crash Proof Retirement vehicles.  I also have the pleasure of meeting each and every Crash Proof Retirement consumer. I am Read More +

Feedback from Another Happy Crash Proof™ Consumer

We just got yet another letter from someone who attended a Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational Event thanking Phil Cannella and Joann Small for the great presentation they put on: Here’s the text of the letter (with the consumers’ names blanked out to protect their privacy): Joann & Phil Just wanted to say Thank You for the dinner and presentation. [ ] and I had a good time and are sorting out our options. Will let you know when we’re ready to take the next step. Read More +

Positive Feedback from Crash Proof™ Consumers

Here at Crash Proof Retirement™, Phil Cannella and Joann Small are constantly getting feedback from consumers who are happy to be Crash Proof™.  Here’s yet another example of one of these letters: From the letter: Joann & Phil, We enjoyed seeing you and Phil last week when we had our annual review. We appreciate being invited to Phil’s Crash Proof Retirement Show. Lou and I learned a lot from his presentation. I wanted to let you know that I am so glad that I made Read More +

Another Feedback Letter from a Happy Crash Proof™ Consumer

As a follow-up to the excellent letter I posted yesterday, here’s another letter from a happy Crash Proof™ Consumer who can’t stop talking about how much she loves First Senior Financial Group. In the letter, she discusses how different her experience was dealing with a Crash Proof Retirement™ Educator compared to her previous dealings with financial advisors who sold her on products that were not appropriate for her in retirement. Now that she’s gotten educated by speaking with a Crash Proof Retirement™ Educator, she’s invested Read More +

More Great Feedback from Crash Proof™ Consumers

Lisa showed me some more great feedback today from some people who attended a Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational Event at Adelphia in Deptford, New Jersey. This letter really serves to illustrate the no-pressure approach used by the retirement educators at First Senior Financial Group. This couple attended an educational event and met with one of First Senior Financial Group’s educators. They noted that although they decided not to make any changes after their first meeting, they did appreciate the honest and straightforward approach employed by Read More +

New Crash Proof Retirement™ Videos

Stringer and the guys from the Crash Proof™ Production Crew posted up some great new videos on Youtube. This one was my favorite: In this video, Lou explains how he recommends Crash Proof Retirement™ and First Senior Financial Group to all his friends because he’s so enthusiastic about the way Phil Cannella and Joann Small were able to help him Crash Proof™ his retirement savings.  Lou loves First Senior Financial Group so much that he hands out books to all his friends and tells them Read More +

Another Retiree Reaches Out to Phil Cannella and Crash Proof Retirement™

We received a letter this week written by a retiree in New Jersey who attended a Crash Proof Retirement™ Event. The letter shows that the one-of-a-kind educational presentation hosted by Phil Cannella is sparking interests in those able to attend. This particular guest wanted to thank Phil for his efforts on providing useful information to those in or near retirement. The guest also states he is currently reading Phil’s book, Crash Proof Retirement: The Planning Isn’t Over. Our guest even went on to share some Read More +

Crash Proof Retirement Show™ Interviews 90-year-old Client on her Life and New Book

    Who says life stops at 90 years of age. Saturday’s guest is living proof that 90 is the new 60. Delaware County resident Dorothy Coleman–who is also a Crash Proof Retirement™ client– visited the studios in King of Prussia PA to discuss her long life, times and her new book with  Phil and Joann live on our Crash Proof Retirement Show™ this weekend. Mrs. Coleman’s 100-plus page book, which is set to be released by Tate Publishing later in the Spring, takes the reader on a trip Read More +

Crash Proof™ Comments Are Flooding In!!

Each week at our Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational Events we set up a camera, microphone and green screen to capture responses or comments from our attendees. We have been getting so many people to give us an interview, I’m flooded with footage! Here in the production department, we have two ways to get your voice heard… Videos on our websites/newsletters and audio clips that air on the Crash Proof Retirement Show™. Listen this weekend to hear some of our event attendees respond to what they Read More +

Crash Proof Event in Downington 2/6/13

For those of you who had to stick around the office and hold the fort, I thought I would share with you how the event was yesterday. Also, I am gonna get a little tricky here, as this post will serve as THREE DIFFERENT CATEGORIES! Gonna be giving out some Kudos, while also providing some Client Feedback, all while recapping a Crash Proof Event. So stay with me as I attempt to pull off this incredible feat. First and foremost, another big kudos to Mike and the production crew. You Read More +