Another Retiree Reaches Out to Phil Cannella and Crash Proof Retirement™

Letter to Phil 3-13-13

Letter Written to Phil Cannella in Response to an Especially Informative Educational Event

We received a letter this week written by a retiree in New Jersey who attended a Crash Proof Retirement™ Event. The letter shows that the one-of-a-kind educational presentation hosted by Phil Cannella is sparking interests in those able to attend.

This particular guest wanted to thank Phil for his efforts on providing useful information to those in or near retirement. The guest also states he is currently reading Phil’s book, Crash Proof Retirement: The Planning Isn’t Over.

Our guest even went on to share some interesting New Jersey history with Phil, continuing the cycle of education which Phil so firmly believes is the foundation of self growth.

When news broke of this letter, we thought it would make for a much deserved kudos to Phil, as he lives to make a difference in the lives of retirees everywhere.


So kudos to you Phil, although this is just one example, we all know that what you do everyday is paying off as thousands of retirees receive an education they can’t find anywhere else, which helps them achieve a safe and comfortable retirement!

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