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Phil Cannella A Rare Headline Worth Sharing

Phil Cannella Crash Proof Buzz Given the nature of the firm and why we do what we do, I thought I would share with everyone this story.  Wall Street’s ‘Fabulous Fab’ heads to trial That’s right! Turns out our Nation’s regulators are in rare form this week as they actually have shown some effort in bring justice to some of the culprits that nearly tanked the economy in 2007 and cause millions of retirees to lose a substantial amount of their nest eggs due to Read More +

Improved Activity on the Buzz!

As I know, many of you read the buzz routinely and have been coming to love the character that Pete has made for himself. Although some of his posts may be fabrications, or useless information that none of us will ever use (especially Nick because nothing will ever help his golf game) I wanted to throw some kudos Pete’s way for his passion for our company blog. His words have at times been entertaining, and at times just downright confusing, but always admired for the Read More +

Phil Cannella is Headed Back to Adelphia!

Phil Cannella Crash Proof Buzz At the end of our very successful tour of the tri-state area in 2012, The Crash Proof Retirement Team couldn’t help but name Adelphia as one of our favorites of the dozens of wonderful venues that have hosted our Crash Proof Retirement Educational Events presented by Phil Cannella. That is why we are excited to be heading back to Adelphia in Deptford, NJ, for the next two weeks. We have already received an overwhelming response from the great residents of New Jersey Read More +

Stringer Wins

“I got the last bag of Skittles in the vending machine! I win!” – Mike “Who were you competing with?”- Kane Maryland “Everyone in the office.”- Mike   Kudos to Mike, he came up with a pretty big W today. And although none of us can taste the delicous flavors of the rainbow, at least we can all take a moment and check out this picture and wonder what it’s really like to Be-Like-Mike.

Phil Cannella Market Volatility is in Full Swing

Phil Cannella Crash Proof Buzz I am sure I am not the first one breaking this news to you, but the stock market has been up and down all month…. And mostly down at that. It is times like these that our hard work really pays off, when all of our protected clients can go to sleep with peace of mind knowing they will not take part in any coming upsets from the financial industry. Phil Cannella founded this firm so that it can be Read More +

Phil Cannella A Reminder Of Why We Do What We Do

Phil Cannella Crash Proof Buzz I wanted to write today to provide everyone with a quick reminder of why we do what we do here at the home of Crash Proof Retirement™. For those of you that have been following financial news lately, and I know that is a majority of you, you know that the stock market has been on a run lately. In fact, the market has gotten back to the highs seen in 2000 before the first Crash. Of course after 13 Read More +

Office Shout Out for the Grub!

  Once again I am hitting The Buzz in hopes to reach out to a generous colleague of ours. To whoever brought in the tasty assortment of cold treats, I cannot thank you enough for appeasing the mid morning hunger I get, in that awkward hour where it’s too early to eat lunch yet too late to eat breakfast. May your stomachs be filled with deliciousness, and may your hearts be filled with gratitude, for we are in the company of some great people here.    

Matt Found his Razor!

This morning our beloved Matt, from the research department of Crash Proof Retirement, decided to surprise the office and show off his new look.   What changed you ask?   That’s right! Matt did away with his famous grizzly-man beard. When asked if he planned on keeping a clean shave, Matt responded “I’m just gonna play it day by day.”   That’s just like Matt, to keep his fans guessing. Perhaps we’ll follow the saga of Matt’s beard on the buzz in coming weeks.

Phil Cannella and Joann Small on the Profile Magazine

This news is somewhat dated, but I noticed that we never shared with the office the link to Profile Magazine, which featured our very own Phil Cannella and Joann Small in a story about their success in founding and running First Senior Financial Group, as well as Retirement Media Inc. Click the link below to check out the story that was published…. It’s a good read! Profile Magazine: A Sound Investment featuring Phil Cannella and Joann Small

My Excuse for the Crumbs on my Desk.

It’s not my fault so much as it is the continued generosity among my coworkers. When you guys continue to bring in delicous treats, like the cheesecake seen below brought by Matt, I can’t help but leave a few droppings of deliciousness around my desk from time to time…. What can I say? I’m not the most graceful eater. In any case, thanks to all of you for keeping my hunger pains in check on a regular basis.

Checking in on Baby Lucas

In late March I had the pleasure of posting about Baby Lucas, Traci’s precious baby boy and Joann newest grandchild. Today Traci emailed some fresh pictures of the handsome fella, and naturally I wanted to share it with the rest of you.  

Traces of Celebration Still Lingering from Phil Cannella’s Birthday

  As delicious as this birthday cake was it managed to survive the party, and even some cake is still available in the fridge today(although after this post goes public that may change). Although Phil has made it clear that he does handle the overwhelming birthday attention well, we can all agree that it was an exciting day for all of us. On behalf of the entire staff I would like to thank Joann Small and Phil Cannella for their kind words on Friday, as they recognized Read More +

May 2nd, Matt Saves the Office from Sure Despair!

Today I ask that the office takes a moment to recognize a true hero sitting among us in this very building we share. As many of you know, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are a prized possession in the workplace. The beautiful mix of chocolate and peanut butter wrapped up in a three-piece package is nothing short of  heavenly as it sits in our vending machine, waiting to make the dreams come true for the next hunger stricken worker. However, for some weeks now, that have felt like years, the Read More +

Just Another Manic Monday

It is now 2 o’clock and we are all finally getting settled from the typical Monday morning jump start to the week. It was an especially productive morning for a few of us in the media department, as we were summoned to a meeting organized by Lisa. Our friend from overseas was able to jump into our meeting and offer his wisdom (isn’t technology just wonderful these days?) We all assembled to put our heads together and develop new and exciting ways to get the Read More +

Our New Crash Proof Maid

I caught our very own Nick acting from the kindness of his soul, as he took the time to clean the table after our farewell party for Keith, who we very much miss.   Katie, you should be especially happy with Nick, considering his habit of leaving a mess in the break room.   Kudos to you Nick, thanks to you we’ve got it maid!

Crash Proof™ Newsletter- Hope You’re All Reading

Last week we had  yet another successful production and deliver of The Crash Proof Newsletter. After the delivery of the newsletter,  Matt and I excitedly monitored the web traffic as our readers received the newsletter and enjoyed our hard work. Although it is extremely satisfying to see that we are reaching hundreds of consumers every other week that are eager to learn more about the things that matter most to them in retirement, I thought to myself today; “I wonder if the rest of the office Read More +

Mysterious Generosity Strikes Again!

For those of you who remember my post about Mysterious Generosity Within the Office, today I am happy to write the sequel. Once again someone has decorated our office break-room with a delicious treat, and once again this generous colleague acted out of altruism, as they have not taken any claim to this good deed. This time we have been graced with tasty lemonade cake. Although I have no idea what lemonade cake consist of, I cannot wait to bite in and find out.   I was trying Read More +

Welcome to the World Lucas!

Perhaps our most buzz-worthy post to date, I am writing today to share the news of the long anticipated welcoming of Traci’s son Lucas to the world. Traci is now proud mother to this beautiful baby boy.   Joann Small couldn’t be happier to meet her new grandson with Phil Cannella by her side. Let’s all be sure to give a big congratulations to Traci when she makes it back to the office.                        

Writers on the Move!

I have some bad news to share with the office today…. Unfortunately, when you go to pour yourself some coffee each morning you will no longer have the beautiful sight of Matt and Kean hard at work right outside of the break room. Although I know it is the better part of your day seeing us whenever you visit the break room, but business comes first and business calls for us to relocate within the office. If you find that you simply cannot handle a Read More +

Another Retiree Reaches Out to Phil Cannella and Crash Proof Retirement™

We received a letter this week written by a retiree in New Jersey who attended a Crash Proof Retirement™ Event. The letter shows that the one-of-a-kind educational presentation hosted by Phil Cannella is sparking interests in those able to attend. This particular guest wanted to thank Phil for his efforts on providing useful information to those in or near retirement. The guest also states he is currently reading Phil’s book, Crash Proof Retirement: The Planning Isn’t Over. Our guest even went on to share some Read More +

Phil Cannella and Joann Small Enrich Us All!

I’m sure we have all heard about the generous donation First Senior Financial Group offered to the Red Cross in light of the desperate need for recovery funding following the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. Phil and Joann presented the donation in front of a crowd of nearly 200 in a room at Adelphia in Deptford, NJ, which was full of retirees eager to receive an exclusive retirement education that truly empowers them in their golden years. Unfortunately not everyone who works for First Senior Financial Read More +

Buzzing About the Buzz

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say it’s nice to see that we’re all starting to get involved with the office blog. It’s been keeping everyone throughout the company informed with what’s going on each week. And we’re learning new things along the way, like who would have guessed that Pete is a golfer? I always took him for the hopscotch type. And the media coming out of the Crash Proof Retirement™ production crew is quite impressive.   So if you don’t mind me sounding Read More +

Kudos to Matt Brennen

The praises seem to be pouring in from Crash Proof™ clients who have been extremely pleased with the services coming from the design team. This week Phil Cannella received a letter from a client that had recently sat with Matthew Brennen for their annual review. As we all have come to learn, Matt is a hard worker and loves to see his work pay off by protecting consumers and helping them achieve a safe and comfortable Crash Proof Retirement™. It’s always appreciated when others take their time to acknowledge Read More +

Mysterious Generosity Within the Office

Someone decided to leave the office a treat in the break room this morning, which takes shape as a delicious tomato salad and some fresh bread to go along with it. They even left notes welcoming all to enjoy, but they did not take claim to their giving nature by signing off on the notes.   To whoever brought in this delightful treat, we applaud you for your altruism and generosity, and so do our taste buds. So kudos to you mystery chef!    

Double header this week with Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational Events

Just wanted to give everyone in the office a heads up on why it may seem a little quiet around the office this week. Due to overwhelming demand of retirees in the tri-state area registering to receive an exclusive Crash Proof Retirement™ education, we had to open up a second venue this week to make sure that we are reaching out to as many retirees as we can. I know from speaking with Phil Cannella and Joann Small personally that it is their goal to Read More +

Crash Proof Event in Downington 2/6/13

For those of you who had to stick around the office and hold the fort, I thought I would share with you how the event was yesterday. Also, I am gonna get a little tricky here, as this post will serve as THREE DIFFERENT CATEGORIES! Gonna be giving out some Kudos, while also providing some Client Feedback, all while recapping a Crash Proof Event. So stay with me as I attempt to pull off this incredible feat. First and foremost, another big kudos to Mike and the production crew. You Read More +

Kudos to Our Friend Abroad

Given that our friend and colleague, Brook Zimmatore, works on a different continent, his excellent work here at the firm often gets accomplished without a pat on the back from the bulk of us Yankees here in the States. So to express some recognition to our foreign friend, I would like to send a kudos to Brook. Yes, there may be billions of gallons of salt water separating us, but it’s going to take a lot more than that for your work here not to get noticed and Read More +

Crash Proof Retirement Event: Harry’s Savoy Grille 1/30/2013

The event in Wilmington this week was an overwhelming success. Over 180 Delaware residents came out to receive a Crash Proof education, and Phil Cannella and Joann Small couldn’t have been more delighted to see them, as many were loyal listeners to our prized Crash Proof Retirement Show. Stringer and his production crew put on a great presentation, as always. And Keith was able to employ the newest production equipment, the jib, or what I most affectionately refer to as the “jig.” And sure enough Read More +

William Penn Inn Educational Event Recap

For those of you who did not get a chance to attend the Educational Event  that Phil and Joann hosted this week, there were some interesting changes that were put in place. First, big shout out to the three fellas in the production crew! They put together a really nice introduction video to be showed at the events, which gives a brief summary of what the firm is about and then introduces Joann Small as the CEO of First Senior Financial Group. The crowd got Read More +