Crash Proof™ Newsletter- Hope You’re All Reading

Last week we had  yet another successful production and deliver of The Crash Proof Newsletter. After the delivery of the newsletter,  Matt and I excitedly monitored the web traffic as our readers received the newsletter and enjoyed our hard work.

Although it is extremely satisfying to see that we are reaching hundreds of consumers every other week that are eager to learn more about the things that matter most to them in retirement, I thought to myself today; “I wonder if the rest of the office is enjoying our newsletter?”

So I took to the Buzz! I am writing today to bring attention to the Crash Proof Newsletter, and I welcome all of my colleagues to use the Crash Proof Buzz as a platform of discussion on the many topics we cover in the newsletter. I know you are all very intelligent and insightful individuals, so Matt and I would love to hear your input on the biweekly newsletter.

Also, if any of you missed a week, or would just like to go back and read our excellent work over and over again, you can always visit the newsletter archive to read past editions.

Newsletter Archive


So please, do share your thoughts with us! (But only if  they are incredibly flatteriung for Matt and  I of course!)

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