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I wanted to write today to provide everyone with a quick reminder of why we do what we do here at the home of Crash Proof Retirement™.

For those of you that have been following financial news lately, and I know that is a majority of you, you know that the stock market has been on a run lately. In fact, the market has gotten back to the highs seen in 2000 before the first Crash. Of course after 13 years of inflation, many market investors are still down considerably, at they are making some of their money back.

However, if you have been really keen on the news, you know that there is a lot of speculation that the markets are artificially inflated by the Federal Reserve stimulus spending which has been pumping money into the market. If this is true, then stocks are being set up for another crash, a crash that many experts say will be the worst that we’ve ever seen.

The reason Phil Cannella founded this firm was to protect those who can least afford to see their investments drop due to the instability of the financial industry. I am speaking, of course, of retirees who plan on living off of the very dollars they have invested on the market.

Again, I will cite the recent activity of the financial sector. The market has been dropping for the past few weeks, signs that suggest that the coming crash is a very realistic fear.

This is terrible news for the countless of Americans who are still invested in the market. But we can all go home today, and everyday following, knowing that those who have come to us for retirement education are protected from unforgiving volatility that may or may not be around the corner on the stock market.

Because of the unique design of the Crash Proof Retirement™ system and the passion behind our Founder, Phil Cannella and our CEO Joann Small, hundreds of retirees can sleep easy in the coming weeks knowing that they will not lose a dime no matter what plays out in the financial industry.

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