Mysterious Generosity Strikes Again!

For those of you who remember my post about Mysterious Generosity Within the Office, today I am happy to write the sequel.

Once again someone has decorated our office break-room with a delicious treat, and once again this generous colleague acted out of altruism, as they have not taken any claim to this good deed.

This time we have been graced with tasty lemonade cake. Although I have no idea what lemonade cake consist of, I cannot wait to bite in and find out.



I was trying to figure out if this gift was left by the same anonymous chef, so I put together some Crash Proof Forensics to get the answer.



The results from the Crash Proof Forensics team show that the handwriting does not match for both culinary masterpieces, meaning the office now has at least two mysterious donors to the fight against office hunger.


Hopefully the trend continues and one day we will catch these mysterious characters and thank them for all of their good deeds.


Kudos to you, mystery chefs!


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