Crash Proof™ Educational Events This Week

It’s a busy week for First Senior Financial Group and Crash Proof Retirement™ as we will be holding two separate Educational Events at Spring Mill Manor in Ivyland, PA.

The first program will be tomorrow (Tuesday, April 2nd) and will be a dinner event from 5 PM to 7:30 PM.  We have found many people in or near retirement prefer to attend evening events because they work during the day, and we are working hard to schedule more evening events so that we can educate the widest audience possible.  So if you’re usually unable to attend our lunchtime Educational Events, try one of our evening times.

The second program will be the following day (Wednesday, April 3rd) and will be from 11 AM to 1:30 PM.

We’ve got lots of great educational events, so if you’re interested in attending, check our events page by clicking the link below and look at the full slate of upcoming educational events all around the Greater Philadelphia area.

Click here to see a list of upcoming Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational Events

When you sign up for a Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational Event, you’re signing up to get a free education from Phil Cannella and Joann Small about retirement, the economy, and the little-known tips that can make a huge difference for you when you retire.  Not only do we provide this education free of charge, but you also get a complimentary meal.  So what are you waiting for?  Click the link above and sign up for a Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational Event near you!

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