William Penn Inn Educational Event Recap

For those of you who did not get a chance to attend the Educational Event  that Phil and Joann hosted this week, there were some interesting changes that were put in place.

First, big shout out to the three fellas in the production crew! They put together a really nice introduction video to be showed at the events, which gives a brief summary of what the firm is about and then introduces Joann Small as the CEO of First Senior Financial Group. The crowd got really into it and it seems to be an exciting new addition to the educational event.

Also, Phil Cannella was able to present some really interesting research produced by Retirement Media Inc. The information was provided from the research of one of our journalists. To avoid giving any one journalist too much credit, I will just give you his initials, which are K.(ean) M.(aynard)…. Yeah! You can read an article about the research by following this link- RMI Exclusive Report

Oh and we had a special guest from our staff come to this event. Nick Q, extra thanks to you for coming to the event and helping out so much!

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