IRA Training

I just completed my continuing IRA training, along with some of my coworkers.  It was great getting the opportunity to learn more about IRAs, and I know that it will help me write better articles for our newsletter and website.  I was also happy to learn more about this topic because it will definitely help me plan when I go to retire.

The classes lasted 2 days, 8 hours each day of intensive, detailed IRA studies that really got into the details that most people don’t know about.  It was a lot for me, as I haven’t been in a classroom since 2008, but it was good and very informative.  I look forward to using the knowledge I gained in class to write a series of articles about taking death distributions from Traditional IRAs.

So thanks a lot to Phil Cannella for sending me out to the classes, and thanks to Pete, Ross, Jen and Matt for being there and giving me someone to talk to during the breaks 🙂

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