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Best cities in which to retire

Picking a place to retire to is a hard decision. You have to think about where you currently live, where you want to be, healthcare, and how far away you want to be away from your family. Milken Institute ranked the top 100 cities in America that mark the best opportunities for retirees and narrowed it down to the top 10 best places for those who are 65 years and older. Here are a few from the list. Madison, Wisconsin. Madison, Wisconsin is the number Read More +

Phil Cannella Crash Proofs the Retirement of Stephen and Sandy Desirey

The exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System, created by Phil Cannella, has helped Crash Proof the retirement nest-eggs of thousands of people in or near retirement and secure their retirement futures; Stephen and Sandy Desirey of Skippack, PA. are Crash Proof Consumers. Stephen Desirey is a retired chemical engineer, and his wife Sandy heard about the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System back in 2010. Unhappy with the advisor they had at the time, the Desireys decided it was time for a change. Stephen and Sandy knew Read More +

Phil Cannella is a Financial Lifesaver

Phil Cannella doesn’t look at himself as a financial professional, but rather a financial lifesaver. Imagine you were at the beach and someone was drowning as the waves came up and down beating down upon him or her. Out jumps the lifeguard and brings the person to safety and to the secure footing known as the shore and provides whatever medical actions may be necessary to ensure his or her survival. This is much like Phil Cannella’s proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System. You don’t want Read More +

Phil Cannella Sees Signs of Rising Risk in Bonds

Most people today cannot even recall the last bond bear market. It goes back many, many years. Phil Cannella explains that when interest rates fall, the value of existing bond positions goes up. Conversely, when interest rates rise, investors can get a better paying bond today than they could yesterday, so anyone who has been holding a bond may see its value drop. Phil Cannella goes on to elaborate that many investors have bonds in their portfolios as part of a fixed income class of Read More +

Phil Cannella is Headed Back to Adelphia!

Phil Cannella Crash Proof Buzz At the end of our very successful tour of the tri-state area in 2012, The Crash Proof Retirement Team couldn’t help but name Adelphia as one of our favorites of the dozens of wonderful venues that have hosted our Crash Proof Retirement Educational Events presented by Phil Cannella. That is why we are excited to be heading back to Adelphia in Deptford, NJ, for the next two weeks. We have already received an overwhelming response from the great residents of New Jersey Read More +

Stringer Wins

“I got the last bag of Skittles in the vending machine! I win!” – Mike “Who were you competing with?”- Kane Maryland “Everyone in the office.”- Mike   Kudos to Mike, he came up with a pretty big W today. And although none of us can taste the delicous flavors of the rainbow, at least we can all take a moment and check out this picture and wonder what it’s really like to Be-Like-Mike.

My Excuse for the Crumbs on my Desk.

It’s not my fault so much as it is the continued generosity among my coworkers. When you guys continue to bring in delicous treats, like the cheesecake seen below brought by Matt, I can’t help but leave a few droppings of deliciousness around my desk from time to time…. What can I say? I’m not the most graceful eater. In any case, thanks to all of you for keeping my hunger pains in check on a regular basis.

Pink Tie Day at Crash Proof Retirement™

Kean and Nick started a new precedent today for the Crash Proof Retirement™ family. From now on, Friday will be pink tie day. They tried their best to get me to participate, but in my usual Grumpy Cat fashion, I refused. But just be aware and add pink tie day to the pantheon of Crash Proof Retirement theme days which now includes Justin Bieber Tuesday, Taylor Swift Thursday and now, Pink Tie Friday. We will think of an associated celebrity later. Suggestions are welcome. Kudos Read More +

Traces of Celebration Still Lingering from Phil Cannella’s Birthday

  As delicious as this birthday cake was it managed to survive the party, and even some cake is still available in the fridge today(although after this post goes public that may change). Although Phil has made it clear that he does handle the overwhelming birthday attention well, we can all agree that it was an exciting day for all of us. On behalf of the entire staff I would like to thank Joann Small and Phil Cannella for their kind words on Friday, as they recognized Read More +

Christmas in May!

Not sure what took so long, but the Christmas Party photos have made their way back to our production room. If I had to guess, I’d say it was intentional because there’s many editing capabilities we have to embarrass each other. With that said, I want to calm everyone down and assure you that I won’t be embarrassing anyone by posting my favorite picture below: The memories from the night have come pouring back in, so I make the offer: Get ’em while they’re hot! Let me know if Read More +

May 2nd, Matt Saves the Office from Sure Despair!

Today I ask that the office takes a moment to recognize a true hero sitting among us in this very building we share. As many of you know, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are a prized possession in the workplace. The beautiful mix of chocolate and peanut butter wrapped up in a three-piece package is nothing short of  heavenly as it sits in our vending machine, waiting to make the dreams come true for the next hunger stricken worker. However, for some weeks now, that have felt like years, the Read More +

Our New Crash Proof Maid

I caught our very own Nick acting from the kindness of his soul, as he took the time to clean the table after our farewell party for Keith, who we very much miss.   Katie, you should be especially happy with Nick, considering his habit of leaving a mess in the break room.   Kudos to you Nick, thanks to you we’ve got it maid!

Farewell to Keith :(

It’s an end of an era here at Retirement Media, Inc and FSFG. We said our goodbyes to Production Director, Keith Wurster. This excellent spread, organized by Katie and Matt W, is all we have to fight back the pain of losing one of our best. Good luck in your future endeavors, Keith!

New Subscribers on our Crash Proof Newsletter!

We continue to keep our subscribers happy with our weekly Crash Proof Newsletter.   Can you guess how many subscribers we now have on our newsletter?  Comment below with your guess, if you get it right I’ll buy you a lunch!  If you want to see some samples of our Crash Proof Newsletter I’ll link them on here. If you find it interesting do not forget to sign up to our newsletter below. If you don’t check your email often and find yourself spending time Read More +

Good Work Nick

Our very own sleuth has done some more good work in the past 2 months that will likely be fruitful and useful for our firm.   So kudos to you Nick, time and time again you have proven to be quite an asset to the Crash Proof Retirement™ family.          

First Senior Financial Group – New Computers Around The Office

Just wanted to let the First Senior Financial Group staff members know that the new computers are on their way to the office and should be here Friday, 4/12/13.  It’ll take me some time to get all the computers ready to start replacing your current machines, so please be patient.  Be sure to read up on Windows 8, because these new machines will have Windows 8 loaded on them.  These computers are running one of the top processors, you’ll notice a huge shift from your Read More +

Crash Proof™ Newsletter Success!

We sent out our Crash Proof Retirement News to our subscribers on April 5th, 2013 and we already have hundreds of people opening the newsletter.  If you missed this newsletter you can always view it by going to this link provided.    Do not forget to like us on Facebook to get updated on the Crash Proof Retirement News! Just a quick reminder we have two Crash Proof Retirement Educational Events this week, hopefully we can all enjoy the warm weather the next few days.  I’ll have to Read More +

Kudos to Phil Cannella and Joann Small for a fantastic lunch

Yesterday we held our weekly Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event at Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse in Princeton NJ. This was the nicest Ruth Chris I have seen in any of the 5 states I have been to! Following the educational even even though Phil had spent 2.5 hours standing and talking he and Joann made it a point to go around and invite all of the staff and educators to sit down and eat with them. We ate steaks, salmon, salads, sweet potatoes, french fries and Read More +

Kudos to my Colleague Kean

[one_half] [/one_half] [one_half_last] The Writers Enjoying Their New Home It’s been a few days since we moved the writers to the other side of the office and I went by for my daily visit and captured this wonderful moment in my life, only walking approximately 15 feet to the new cubicle area of the writers.  My legs will not be in much pain at the end of the day, moving their computers was well worth it.   Productivity will continue to be through the roof Read More +

Phil Cannella on “Voice of Reason” with Larry Kane Re-Airs Wednesday Night

I just wanted to remind everyone that although “Voice of Reason” with Larry Kane aired Sunday night at 9:30, that will not be the last chance for Phil Cannella devotees to see their favorite radio host and Retirement Phase Expert appear on an expert panel with legendary journalist Larry Kane and two of the top minds in the field of Economics and Finance, Ryan Sweet, Senior Economist at Moody’s Analytics, and Dr. Bruce Rader of Temple University’s Fox School of Business. That’s because “Voice of Read More +

Red Cross Donations Delivers a Thank You Certificate

Today I will be hanging the Red Cross Certificate in the lobby. This nicely framed piece, is a token of the appreciation that American Red Cross has for FSFG and RMI because of our generous donation to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, which was presented by Phil Cannella and Joann Small on behalf of First Senior Financial Group and Crash Proof Retirement.

Happy Birthday to Joann Small!

We have to congratulate our CEO Joann Small for reaching that all important milestone of life: she finally turned 30! That’s right, Joann Small celebrated her birthday yesterday, although there was no time to take a day off for the hard-working CEO of First Senior Financial Group. Joann celebrated in an understated fashion with the employees of First Senior Financial Group and Retirement Media, Inc. There were two lovely cakes, which the eager staff dug right into once the candles were blown out. So once Read More +

Phil Cannella and Joann Small Enrich Us All!

I’m sure we have all heard about the generous donation First Senior Financial Group offered to the Red Cross in light of the desperate need for recovery funding following the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. Phil and Joann presented the donation in front of a crowd of nearly 200 in a room at Adelphia in Deptford, NJ, which was full of retirees eager to receive an exclusive retirement education that truly empowers them in their golden years. Unfortunately not everyone who works for First Senior Financial Read More +

Crash Proof™ Breakfast Club goes AWOL

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but for the second week in a row, the Crash Proof™ breakfast club is nowhere to be found! How will we survive our Fridays without bagels, doughnuts, breakfast cereals or other tasty treats? So today I’m organizing a Call to Action, for the members of the Crash Proof Retirement™ Team to help improve our Friday morale next week. Who among you will step up and heed the call of duty? I call upon you today, the men and women Read More +

Friday Breakfast Feast or Lack Thereof…

Last Friday, I was a saddened when I heard the words, “No one brought in breakfast today.” I got the news from my esteemed colleague, Mr. Stringer. To prevent further tear-shed from the production department, I would like to know if a Crash Proof™ Breakfast Supplier has been assigned for this week.

The Crash Proof™ Breakfast Club

  These donuts were a welcome sight in the break room this morning. For those who don’t know, here at First Senior Financial Group, we do a “Breakfast Club” rotation that I have come to call the Crash Proof™ Breakfast Club. Today’s selection was some donuts, muffins, crossaints and sticky buns from Giant. Thanks to Matt (the other one, not me…) for bringing in such a great spread. Phil Cannella stopped into the break room, and upon seeing the donuts, he remarked that they wouldn’t Read More +

Double header this week with Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational Events

Just wanted to give everyone in the office a heads up on why it may seem a little quiet around the office this week. Due to overwhelming demand of retirees in the tri-state area registering to receive an exclusive Crash Proof Retirement™ education, we had to open up a second venue this week to make sure that we are reaching out to as many retirees as we can. I know from speaking with Phil Cannella and Joann Small personally that it is their goal to Read More +