First Senior Financial Group – New Computers Around The Office

Just wanted to let the First Senior Financial Group staff members know that the new computers are on their way to the office and should be here Friday, 4/12/13.  It’ll take me some time to get all the computers ready to start replacing your current machines, so please be patient.  Be sure to read up on Windows 8, because these new machines will have Windows 8 loaded on them.  These computers are running one of the top processors, you’ll notice a huge shift from your old machine to your new machine!  And for those who are not getting new machines, we will be getting ram for those who have the Dell Laptops.

[alert style=”green”] Do not forget to thank Phil Cannella and Joann Small for these new machines! [/alert]

First Senior Financial Group New Computers!

First Senior Financial Group New Computers!


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