The Crash Proof™ Breakfast Club

The Crash Proof™ Breakfast Club

The lovely Crash Proof™ donuts that were in the break room today…


These donuts were a welcome sight in the break room this morning. For those who don’t know, here at First Senior Financial Group, we do a “Breakfast Club” rotation that I have come to call the Crash Proof™ Breakfast Club. Today’s selection was some donuts, muffins, crossaints and sticky buns from Giant. Thanks to Matt (the other one, not me…) for bringing in such a great spread. Phil Cannella stopped into the break room, and upon seeing the donuts, he remarked that they wouldn’t fit in with his diet. Too bad Phil, they made for a great breakfast for the less health-minded people around the office (like me). Oh well, more donuts for me then 🙂

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