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Given the nature of the firm and why we do what we do, I thought I would share with everyone this story. 

Wall Street’s ‘Fabulous Fab’ heads to trial

That’s right! Turns out our Nation’s regulators are in rare form this week as they actually have shown some effort in bring justice to some of the culprits that nearly tanked the economy in 2007 and cause millions of retirees to lose a substantial amount of their nest eggs due to the trust they put into these Wall Street traders.

This is just another situation in which we will not see this trader prosecuted as a criminal,  he will simply be given a fine… And that is assuming he even charged, as we have seen in the past these top dogs often find a way of getting away without paying a dime.

But let’s not get distracted from the reason I shared this article. I shared it to show that this is the kind of injustice we work to prevent for our clients every day. So here’s a pat on the back kudos to us!

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