Crash Proof Event in Downington 2/6/13

For those of you who had to stick around the office and hold the fort, I thought I would share with you how the event was yesterday.

Also, I am gonna get a little tricky here, as this post will serve as THREE DIFFERENT CATEGORIES!

Gonna be giving out some Kudos, while also providing some Client Feedback, all while recapping a Crash Proof Event. So stay with me as I attempt to pull off this incredible feat.

First and foremost, another big kudos to Mike and the production crew. You guys can take an empty room as your canvas, and turn  it into a fine layout primed to provide an education to retirees that we all know is invaluable to them. Like a well oiled machine you guys work together to put together a flawless presentation week after week. Really, nice work fellas!

And of course, Kudos to Phillip Cannella and Joann Small. It takes a lot for the two of you to invest so much of your personal time and energy to spread the word about protecting seniors, and it does not go unnoticed. I’m glad to see that the two of you manage to stay so energized and upbeat, because it shows when you host these events and it really makes them a fun experience each week.

Also, at the event I spoke with a client who has been with First Senior Financial Group for 3 years, and he was describing to me the very first event he attended. He said Phil was as helpful and knowledgeable as he always has been, but he was amazed at how far the presentation has come. He credited the inclusion of video, charts, lighting and audio to the vast improvement he has noticed with these educational event. So another Kudos to everyone who has been involved in growing the Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational events.

If you followed all this, then thanks for reading my long post. But you should probably get back to work now…. Slacker!

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