Crash Proof Retirement Event: Harry’s Savoy Grille 1/30/2013

The event in Wilmington this week was an overwhelming success. Over 180 Delaware residents came out to receive a Crash Proof education, and Phil Cannella and Joann Small couldn’t have been more delighted to see them, as many were loyal listeners to our prized Crash Proof Retirement Show.

Stringer and his production crew put on a great presentation, as always. And Keith was able to employ the newest production equipment, the jib, or what I most affectionately refer to as the “jig.” And sure enough Keith was working that equipment nicely. Some would even say he was “gettin jiggy with it.”…. Too cheesey?

Anyway, good work to all that were involved, as we were able to reach out to nearly 200 consumers and give them an education you can’t find elsewhere.

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