New Crash Proof Retirement™ Videos

Stringer and the guys from the Crash Proof™ Production Crew posted up some great new videos on Youtube. This one was my favorite:

In this video, Lou explains how he recommends Crash Proof Retirement™ and First Senior Financial Group to all his friends because he’s so enthusiastic about the way Phil Cannella and Joann Small were able to help him Crash Proof™ his retirement savings.  Lou loves First Senior Financial Group so much that he hands out books to all his friends and tells them to listen to the Crash Proof Retirement Show® every weekend on 1210 WPHT.  He also recommends attending an educational event to get the full education that Phil Cannella, Joann Small and Crash Proof Retirement™ provide each week, free of charge.

It’s so great to see people like Lou who were really helped by First Senior Financial Group come out and spread the word about Crash Proof Retirement.  These people are what make everything we do here worthwhile.

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