Phil Cannella Fights Deception With Truth

Phil Cannella has the power and strength of the sword of truth behind him. It is the very strength inherent in this sword and it is the power it bestows upon he who wields it, that requires that someone with high integrity, ethics and morals use it for the betterment of all and not just the betterment of one.

Bringing truth to the American retiree is a mission Phil Cannella has taken upon himself. This began many years ago when he brought solutions to seniors to protect them against the ravages a long term care event could have on their nest egg. It continued for many, many years as Phil demonstrated a real drive and purpose to help seniors in many ways.

In keeping with this sentiment, Phil Cannella has had to stand up against and survived an all-out attack on his business and reputation, when, some years ago, a group of his competitors banded together in an attempt to take him out of business. It is truly unfortunate that people who are not so capable of action, people who are not able to muster up the wherewithal, the know-how or simply cannot operate on their own steam, will try to tear down a man or woman who is successful in their own right. That is the story of Phil Cannella, who from the day he hit the trenches was always striving for greater success, always seeking to build a better mousetrap.

As Phil Cannella’s expertise took on new dimensions and consequently as he saw his business grow to levels not previously conceived of, some of his competitors began frothing at the mouth. Perhaps this should have been an expected reaction from those incapable of generating their own steam to create success. What these people sought to do was diminish Phil Cannella’s market share in any way they could.

Phil Cannella is a professional in the insurance and financial services industry, a field rife with deception where advisors with ethics and integrity are few and far between. A field where some financial professionals hold to a fiduciary standard while many don’t. Some make money even when their clients suffer losses on the markets, and others do not. It all boils down to who is working in the best interest of their clients and who isn’t. This is where Phil Cannella pulls the wool off from the illusion that is Wall Street.

This is where Phil Cannella truly shines. But this is exactly at the heart of the defamation attack that became the central hub of his competitor’s attempts to take him out of business and win back market share. There was no way Phil Cannella was going to stand for that and he filed a lawsuit in federal court to get to the bottom of who was behind this attack. The attack was anonymous, using fictitious screen names and so the first part of the case became a matter of discovery to identify the perpetrators.

“Discovery is the major part of the investigation: it’s a process that allows you to get information and evidence from the opposing party in a lawsuit. The discovery process is controlled by the state and federal rules of court, and generally consists of:

  • Depositions, which is when you ask the other party to answer questions
  • Written discovery, where you use things like ‘interrogatories’
  • Document discovery, where you ask the other party to give you certain documents and papers”

The purpose of the initial discovery was to identify who was behind the mask and then proceed with the next appropriate legal remedy.

Phil Cannella took on some underhanded yet anonymous competitors who wanted to take him out of business and he had to resort to the forces of the law in order to identify the perpetrators and take action.

Once discovery was complete Phil Cannella was able to identify who was behind the attack and it turned out to be a small band of competitors who were in the same line of business as he who wanted to take him out in order to gain market share. It is a very sad commentary on the state of our society that one man or company will attempt to tear another more successful one down in order to make some personal gain.

This is where Phil Cannella’s sword of truth came in handy and he had to use it to deliver a heavy blow to these people for underhanded and illegal activity cannot be permitted to go on under any circumstance. Some people reading this may think that Phil Cannella literally took a sword, but no, he did not, his sword is one of “truth” and its blade far sharper and more powerful than any metal.

Phil Cannella asserted himself in his position as a man of ethics and integrity by using the forces of the law to get justice. This has been a hallmark of his life for he has had to defeat numerous attacks against his reputation and ideals and has come through as the victor each time.

About Phil Cannella

Head Analyst with First Senior Financial Group