Phil Cannella on “Voice of Reason” with Larry Kane!

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It was a very exciting day to say the least! I took the Crash Proof™ van down to Philadelphia for the taping of the CN8 television program “Voice of Reason” hosted by legendary journalist, Larry Kane! Phil Cannella was one of three financial experts invited on the panel to discuss the economy and what investors need to do to survive in it. I collected a lot of behind the scenes footage that I hope to get out very soon. Make sure you tune in to the program airing this Sunday night (3/17) at 9:30pm on Cn8. For Comcast customers, that is channel 8 and channel 846 (HD). For Verizon customers, please check your on-screen listings. It will re-air Wednesday (3/20) at 5:30pm as well.

Phil - lower third edit

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