Getting Ready for the Next Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event

While loading the Crash Proof Retirement Van for another Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event, I was delighted when I found room for our new camera crane! This new piece of equipment will allow us to capture dramatic shots of Phil Cannella as he educates consumers in or near retirement on safe alternatives to securities. The crane will give us a bird’s eye view  and allow a new camera angle that will enhance Retirement Media, Inc. productions. We, on the production crew, can’t wait to put it to good use!!

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Next Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event

  • Kean

    I saw you guys working hard getting that huge piece of equipment set up, and I must say it looks impressive. You guys have a lot to work with in that studio, and it’s only growing. I’m hoping we’ll see some aerial shots in next year’s Decembeard video?

  • Matt

    I saw the crane set up in the studio the other day, it’s a pretty impressive piece of equipment. I know you guys will get some good use out of it… Maybe we could start producing art films in our spare time?

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