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I came across this tid-bit and it includes a video.  Enjoy.

Golf Ball hitting steel at 150 mph

This video is at 70,000 frames per second.  Most people think golf balls are fairly hard.  Now, understand, no one has a swing speed of 150 mph, including Tiger Woods who is just under 130 mph.  The reason you often hear people talk about ball compression and swing speeds is because certain swing speeds are optimal to maximize distances from different types of balls.  Some facts that you should understand:

1. The Pro V1 golf ball by Titleist is actually a three part ball, but you have to have club head speed of at least 100 mph to be able to compress all three stages.  If you don’t, the ball never fully compresses and you don’t get the same distance out of it as the pros do.

2. Most amateurs will get more distance out of a ball that only has two stages of compression, like the Titleist NX Tour.  It is more suited to our swing speed and we can compress it upon impact and can hit it farther than the Pro V1 ball.

3. So the secret is not to buy the most expensive balls out there because we are actually decreasing the distance we can hit the ball, unless your club head speed is over 100 mph.  Watch the following video.  It shows what a golf ball goes through when hit at 150 mph.  This might be why Pros use new balls every time they play.  Remember it is 70,000 frames per second.



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