Phil Cannella Educates Women on Retirement Finances

Phil Cannella has seen far too often that the man (or husband) in a relationship traditionally handles the finances more so than the woman or wife. And more often than not, the wife is left clueless as to the position of the family’s assets and the full retirement plan. So it is actually quite sad when a husband passes away and the surviving widow is left scrambling to try and figure out what to do next with the nest-egg and the retirement plans. It is often left up to Crash Proof Retirement Creator Phil Cannella to pick up the pieces for the surviving spouse and help put the piece back together for her after her “previous” financial adviser dropped the ball and did not adequately protect the family.

As is not uncommon, women tend to outlive men thus when the husband passes, the responsibility of handling the finances then falls on the woman. It is for this very reason that Phil Cannella, along with Joann Small- CEO of First Senior Financial Group (home of the Crash Proof Retirement System) insist on educating both the husband and wife at the same time regarding their concerns facing retirement.

Any retirement plan must consider all parties involved in the plan and must also ensure that all parties are educated and in agreement with the plan when it is drawn up. Anything else would be complete folly. And so it is that with the sheer simplicity of the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System that when one of the spouses’ in a relationship passes, the plan continues uninterrupted with complete protection for the surviving partners.

There are hundreds of widows who have expressed their thanks and gratitude to Phil Cannella & Crash Proof Retirement for taking the time and effort to educate them and to help them see that they were completely safeguarded in the event of the passing of their loved one.

As one Crash Proof  couple said:

“As far as Phil and Joann, I can’t thank them enough. We are in their debt. They are very down to earth people. They are so eager to be of help. They are so good at everything that we’ve asked them about. They have limitless patience. I have only wonderful things to say about Phil and Joann.”

Those are the words that define “Peace of Mind” in retirement.

About Phil Cannella

Head Analyst with First Senior Financial Group