Phil Cannella and Joann Small at This Week’s Crash Proof Retirement™ Event

I’m getting kind of lonely back here at the office, with everyone out at the Crash Proof Retirement Event at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Princeton, NJ.  Luckily our intrepid reporter Kean was on the scene to snap a few pictures of the guys getting set up.

Phil Cannella Crash Proof Event

Phil Cannella gearing up for the Crash Proof Retirement™ Event at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Princeton, NJ


You can see some members of the Crash Proof Retirement™ Team getting set up for the event, there’s Alex in the foreground, and Stringer talking to Phil Cannella about how to get things situated. Keith is nowhere to be found, as usual (just kidding). Kudos to the Crash Proof Retirement™ Team for all the hard work they put in getting set up for our educational events each week.

Phil Cannella and Joann Small

Phil Cannella and Joann Small prepare for another Crash Proof Retirement™ Event


Here’s Phil Cannella and Joann Small getting ready to meet and greet area retirees as they stream in to get educated about their retirement future.

Good luck to the whole team today, I hope the event goes smoothly and we get to educate lots of retirees!

3 thoughts on “Phil Cannella and Joann Small at This Week’s Crash Proof Retirement™ Event

  • Lisa

    As the person who talks to almost every guest I wanted to share my feedback!

    Yesterday’s event went very well – people were smiling and looking forward to the event as they came in.

    Directly following the educational event the 3 of us went into the dining area where the guests were enjoying sizzling steak and salmon, creamed spinach and potatoes followed by cheesecake and berries. I had the opportunity to answer some very intelligent and important questions from people who were excited to get started on their educational process with us.

    We booked appointments right then at lunch for people to come through the process and get educated. And the people we spoke to were ready to get started as soon as possible. The resounding feedback was that they wanted to keep their money safe rather than gamble and were excited about the prospect of coming to get educated. But several of them thought it was too good to be true.

    This was an excellent crowd so they had some great questions; I spent about 2 hours answering questions because several people stayed longer to ask questions and set their appointments.

    Kudos to Phil and Joann for doing the event in such a fantastic venue! The attendees loved the food and the service was first class!

  • Kean

    Well said Lisa.

    I can attest to everything you said. Definitely a great crowd, a lot of vibrant and intelligent attendees. I know the staff was busy circling the dining area as attendees were all eager to ask questions about the valuable information they had received.

    And the venue was indeed fantastic. I’ve gotta say that steak was one of the best I’ve had in a very long time.

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