Crash Proof Retirement™ Newsletter

I wanted to remind all our readers about the Crash Proof Retirement™ Newsletter published bi-weekly by First Senior Financial Group. The Newsletter contains a section on Retirement Concerns, Financial News, and also a Crash Proof™ Principle that can help you develop your retirement strategy. For anyone approaching retirement, this Newsletter can be an invaluable resource. If you’ve ever attended a Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational Event, then you already know about the newsletter, but many of the people who read the Buzz, or have visited the Read More +

Phil Cannella and Joann Small on the Profile Magazine

This news is somewhat dated, but I noticed that we never shared with the office the link to Profile Magazine, which featured our very own Phil Cannella and Joann Small in a story about their success in founding and running First Senior Financial Group, as well as Retirement Media Inc. Click the link below to check out the story that was published…. It’s a good read! Profile Magazine: A Sound Investment featuring Phil Cannella and Joann Small

Pete’s Crash Proof™ Horoscope

Welcome to my new series in the Crash Proof™ Buzz.  Your horoscope, if you are a Pisces!!!!!  Yay!!!!!!   Your colleagues need some new direction quickly — can you reach out to them in a way that they can appreciate? It’s a good time for you to reel them in and ensure that they all know what to expect.

Positive Feedback from Crash Proof™ Consumers

Here at Crash Proof Retirement™, Phil Cannella and Joann Small are constantly getting feedback from consumers who are happy to be Crash Proof™.  Here’s yet another example of one of these letters: From the letter: Joann & Phil, We enjoyed seeing you and Phil last week when we had our annual review. We appreciate being invited to Phil’s Crash Proof Retirement Show. Lou and I learned a lot from his presentation. I wanted to let you know that I am so glad that I made Read More +

My Excuse for the Crumbs on my Desk.

It’s not my fault so much as it is the continued generosity among my coworkers. When you guys continue to bring in delicous treats, like the cheesecake seen below brought by Matt, I can’t help but leave a few droppings of deliciousness around my desk from time to time…. What can I say? I’m not the most graceful eater. In any case, thanks to all of you for keeping my hunger pains in check on a regular basis.