Improved Activity on the Buzz!

As I know, many of you read the buzz routinely and have been coming to love the character that Pete has made for himself. Although some of his posts may be fabrications, or useless information that none of us will ever use (especially Nick because nothing will ever help his golf game) I wanted to throw some kudos Pete’s way for his passion for our company blog. His words have at times been entertaining, and at times just downright confusing, but always admired for the Read More +

Phil Cannella Killing of Your Life Lessons

Phil Cannella Crash Proof Buzz It has come to my attention that certain people in the office, let’s call one Rick Buirk, does not appreciate the posts that I usually put on the Buzz.  It seems that my dedication to keep people up to date on the important facts that are used in daily life have started to show them up and take away from their spot light of other general office happenings.  For this reason, I apologize.  I will no longer be able to Read More +

Phil Cannella is Headed Back to Adelphia!

Phil Cannella Crash Proof Buzz At the end of our very successful tour of the tri-state area in 2012, The Crash Proof Retirement Team couldn’t help but name Adelphia as one of our favorites of the dozens of wonderful venues that have hosted our Crash Proof Retirement Educational Events presented by Phil Cannella. That is why we are excited to be heading back to Adelphia in Deptford, NJ, for the next two weeks. We have already received an overwhelming response from the great residents of New Jersey Read More +

Stringer Wins

“I got the last bag of Skittles in the vending machine! I win!” – Mike “Who were you competing with?”- Kane Maryland “Everyone in the office.”- Mike   Kudos to Mike, he came up with a pretty big W today. And although none of us can taste the delicous flavors of the rainbow, at least we can all take a moment and check out this picture and wonder what it’s really like to Be-Like-Mike.

Phil Cannella Market Volatility is in Full Swing

Phil Cannella Crash Proof Buzz I am sure I am not the first one breaking this news to you, but the stock market has been up and down all month…. And mostly down at that. It is times like these that our hard work really pays off, when all of our protected clients can go to sleep with peace of mind knowing they will not take part in any coming upsets from the financial industry. Phil Cannella founded this firm so that it can be Read More +

Raise the Roof!

Here’s a story…about a guy named Ross…who was helping someone install a fan…his intentions good, and full of pleasure…things could not be going better.  Then all of a sudden…there was a boom, and Ross fell through the ceiling.

Pete’s Crash Proof™ Fun Not-So-Facts

Men’s Wearhouse recently severed it’s ties with George Zimmer.  They are considering changing their slogan as he was synonymous with that brand.  The front-running slogan is, “You’re gonna like the way you look…We are fairly confident.” I don’t know about you, I think it is very catchy.

Phil Cannella A Reminder Of Why We Do What We Do

Phil Cannella Crash Proof Buzz I wanted to write today to provide everyone with a quick reminder of why we do what we do here at the home of Crash Proof Retirement™. For those of you that have been following financial news lately, and I know that is a majority of you, you know that the stock market has been on a run lately. In fact, the market has gotten back to the highs seen in 2000 before the first Crash. Of course after 13 Read More +

Pete’s Crash Proof™ Fun Not-So-Facts

  Why hello there.  Welcome to my new series.  In this series of posts, there will be some random little tidbits that may or may not be true.  Either way, you will be glad you know them.  You’re welcome…Enjoy. The term “human sacrifice” came about when the head dinosaur would go to the store and pick out his favorite human to give to the minion dinosaurs for lunch.

Office Shout Out for the Grub!

  Once again I am hitting The Buzz in hopes to reach out to a generous colleague of ours. To whoever brought in the tasty assortment of cold treats, I cannot thank you enough for appeasing the mid morning hunger I get, in that awkward hour where it’s too early to eat lunch yet too late to eat breakfast. May your stomachs be filled with deliciousness, and may your hearts be filled with gratitude, for we are in the company of some great people here.    

5 Steps to Take When You Turn 50

The time to think about retirement is not when you turn 65.  In fact, the younger you start thinking about retirement, the better.  But if you’re about to turn 50, it’s not too late.  Your 50th birthday is a great milestone that you can use to catch up on your retirement planning.  If you take the following steps by the time you turn 50, you’ll be in a much better position to retire when you want to.   1. Make Catch-Up Contributions If you have Read More +

Feedback from Another Happy Crash Proof™ Consumer

We just got yet another letter from someone who attended a Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational Event thanking Phil Cannella and Joann Small for the great presentation they put on: Here’s the text of the letter (with the consumers’ names blanked out to protect their privacy): Joann & Phil Just wanted to say Thank You for the dinner and presentation. [ ] and I had a good time and are sorting out our options. Will let you know when we’re ready to take the next step. Read More +

Matt Found his Razor!

This morning our beloved Matt, from the research department of Crash Proof Retirement, decided to surprise the office and show off his new look.   What changed you ask?   That’s right! Matt did away with his famous grizzly-man beard. When asked if he planned on keeping a clean shave, Matt responded “I’m just gonna play it day by day.”   That’s just like Matt, to keep his fans guessing. Perhaps we’ll follow the saga of Matt’s beard on the buzz in coming weeks.