Seven Tips for Women to Improve Their Retirement Readiness

I was doing some research for the Crash Proof Retirement Show® and I cam across these great tips for women in retirement. As you know, Joann Small is one of the leading experts on women’s issues in retirement, and these tips really confirm what she has been telling retired women for years. I found these tips in a report from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, which has been conducting retirement research for 13 years now. 7 years ago, they began including research and stats Read More +

Pink Tie Day at Crash Proof Retirement™

Kean and Nick started a new precedent today for the Crash Proof Retirement™ family. From now on, Friday will be pink tie day. They tried their best to get me to participate, but in my usual Grumpy Cat fashion, I refused. But just be aware and add pink tie day to the pantheon of Crash Proof Retirement theme days which now includes Justin Bieber Tuesday, Taylor Swift Thursday and now, Pink Tie Friday. We will think of an associated celebrity later. Suggestions are welcome. Kudos Read More +

Checking in on Baby Lucas

In late March I had the pleasure of posting about Baby Lucas, Traci’s precious baby boy and Joann newest grandchild. Today Traci emailed some fresh pictures of the handsome fella, and naturally I wanted to share it with the rest of you.  

Traces of Celebration Still Lingering from Phil Cannella’s Birthday

  As delicious as this birthday cake was it managed to survive the party, and even some cake is still available in the fridge today(although after this post goes public that may change). Although Phil has made it clear that he does handle the overwhelming birthday attention well, we can all agree that it was an exciting day for all of us. On behalf of the entire staff I would like to thank Joann Small and Phil Cannella for their kind words on Friday, as they recognized Read More +

Christmas in May!

Not sure what took so long, but the Christmas Party photos have made their way back to our production room. If I had to guess, I’d say it was intentional because there’s many editing capabilities we have to embarrass each other. With that said, I want to calm everyone down and assure you that I won’t be embarrassing anyone by posting my favorite picture below: The memories from the night have come pouring back in, so I make the offer: Get ’em while they’re hot! Let me know if Read More +

May 2nd, Matt Saves the Office from Sure Despair!

Today I ask that the office takes a moment to recognize a true hero sitting among us in this very building we share. As many of you know, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are a prized possession in the workplace. The beautiful mix of chocolate and peanut butter wrapped up in a three-piece package is nothing short of  heavenly as it sits in our vending machine, waiting to make the dreams come true for the next hunger stricken worker. However, for some weeks now, that have felt like years, the Read More +

Frontline: The Retirement Gamble

I wanted to share this great documentary with everyone because it really validates what Phil Cannella, Joann Small and Crash Proof Retirement™ are trying to do here. The documentary is from the PBS show Frontline, and is entitled “The Retirement Gamble.” Throughout the program, they highlight all of the shady goings-on within the retirement and financial planning industries which illustrates how corrupt it actually is. When you think about the way that Crash Proof Retirement™ operates, it’s a breath of fresh air compared to the Read More +

Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational Event Photos: Concordville Inn

I know these are a little bit late, but they are from the Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational Event last Wednesday at Concordville Inn in Concordville, PA. Thanks to Mike for providing me with some more great stills that really show how Phil Cannella, Joann Small and Crash Proof Retirement™ are working so hard to protect retirees from losing their money on the stock market. Without further ado, here are the photos from Concordville Inn:

Pete’s Crash Proof™ Golf Tips

  It can be frustrating to hit a great shot only to see it slowly fade to the right 100 yards into the flight path, otherwise known as delayed slice.  This may not be because of your swing.  It may be due to your alignment.  When you are playing a ball on a “downhill lie” be sure to set your target to the left of where you actually want the ball to go to compensate pushing the ball to the right.

Just Another Manic Monday

It is now 2 o’clock and we are all finally getting settled from the typical Monday morning jump start to the week. It was an especially productive morning for a few of us in the media department, as we were summoned to a meeting organized by Lisa. Our friend from overseas was able to jump into our meeting and offer his wisdom (isn’t technology just wonderful these days?) We all assembled to put our heads together and develop new and exciting ways to get the Read More +

Crash Proof Retirement™ Event Photos: Springfield Country Club

We had some truly awesome events this week, so kudos to Joann Small, Phil Cannella and the Crash Proof™ Production Team for putting on a couple of great shows.  As always, I will share some of my favorite still photos from the events.  I’ll start with some photos from Springfield Country Club in Springfield, PA on Tuesday.  Thanks to Mike for taking time out of his busy schedule to provide me with these great pictures every week!

Our New Crash Proof Maid

I caught our very own Nick acting from the kindness of his soul, as he took the time to clean the table after our farewell party for Keith, who we very much miss.   Katie, you should be especially happy with Nick, considering his habit of leaving a mess in the break room.   Kudos to you Nick, thanks to you we’ve got it maid!

Pete’s Crash Proof™ Golf Tips

  Golf is a game of consistency and repetition.  A normal “full swing” shot should have the same ball position for all of your clubs. This means if you put the ball in the center of your stance for a 7 iron, it should be in the center of your stance for all normal “full swing” shots with any other club .  This will ensure that, at least at the start of the swing, you are consistent.

Farewell to Keith :(

It’s an end of an era here at Retirement Media, Inc and FSFG. We said our goodbyes to Production Director, Keith Wurster. This excellent spread, organized by Katie and Matt W, is all we have to fight back the pain of losing one of our best. Good luck in your future endeavors, Keith!

Another successful Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event

Yesterday Phil Cannella delivered another successful educational event at the Copperfield Inn at Lakeside. This was a 2 day series of educational events at this venue, the first was on Tuesday evening at 5pm and for those who could not make that event we held a second event on Wednesday at 11am. The attendees at both events had nothing put positive feedback and praises for Phil Cannella, with an overwhelming response of appreciation for both his honesty and transparency! Phil was very down to earth, Read More +

The Crash Proof Retirement Show® Outrage of the Week!

I wrote a great Outrage of the Week segment for this weekend’s Crash Proof Retirement Show®, so make sure you all tune in and listen. I wrote it after seeing a report from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC for short) in which they detail how much they will be repaying the victims of illegal foreclosures, many of whom lost their home during the mortgage crisis that arose when the housing bubble collapsed after 2008. When you hear the Outrage of the Read More +

New Subscribers on our Crash Proof Newsletter!

We continue to keep our subscribers happy with our weekly Crash Proof Newsletter.   Can you guess how many subscribers we now have on our newsletter?  Comment below with your guess, if you get it right I’ll buy you a lunch!  If you want to see some samples of our Crash Proof Newsletter I’ll link them on here. If you find it interesting do not forget to sign up to our newsletter below. If you don’t check your email often and find yourself spending time Read More +