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Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella has been praised for his services as a Retirement Phase Expert (Phil Cannella) in the financial services industry, but Phil Cannella’s praises don’t all sing the same song. Although it is true that many will echo the rewarding words of “thank you,” when speaking directly about the financial services Phil Cannella has provided, many have a unique story that follows.

Going the extra mile has been part of Phil Cannella’s  work ethic since he began knocking on doors as a salesmen in the 70s. Phil Cannella believes that his ability to do more than expected for his clients is not a result of any business strategy, but rather his natural desire to help. Phil Cannella’s helpful nature may be the core ingredient to his success within the service industry, as it has led him to go to great lengths to make sure his clients have met each and every expectation they have for retirement.

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Head Analyst with First Senior Financial Group

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