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Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: One of Phil Cannella’s most notable cautions to retirees is that they should not have their retirement exposed to enough risk that a tsunami in another country may result in them losing their nest egg. Although at first this statement seems far-off and unrelatable, there is great wisdom in this advice. Phil Cannella often follows this statement with a brief explanation of how vulnerable traditional securities investments are to foreign affairs. Simply put, securities investments all have ties to the global economy and therefore share the risks that the global economy carries.

Although a tsunami is a reasonable example of the kind of unpredictable disaster that could impact your retirement savings, it is just one of many. Phil Cannella has made it his duty to stay educated on the brewing issues across the globe so that he can caution consumers as early as possible. Although Phil Cannella tries his best to stay on top of foreign affairs as part of his role as an educator, the true lesson behind the tsunami example is that no one can be 100% effective in knowing when the next disaster will hit.

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