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Phil Cannella saw the financial devastation

Phil Cannella Events: Phil Cannella saw the financial devastation that occurs when a loved one is in sudden need of some form of long term care. When Phil Cannella was a young man, his grandpa suffered a stroke and was in need of care in a nursing home. Back then, some forty years ago or so, the mounting bills being incurred were too great and everything his grandpa had lived for and accumulated over the years was suddenly whisked away to pay the bills.

Phil Cannella urges to safeguard

Even Phil Cannella’s dad ended up taking three jobs just to keep up with all the bills. This event also led young Phil Cannella into the workaday world to help make ends meet for the family.

As Phil Cannella points out: “My final thought on the issue of long term care is that the odds are too great that you will need a nursing home or live-in care or any combination of senior care services.  Why then would you leave it to chance when there are safe, secure, federally regulated financial policies and products designed to see to it that you get the care you need without wiping out everything you’ve worked for?  Don’t get broadsided financially the way my family did 30 years ago.  These products existed then too.  The difference was, we didn’t know about them.”

Phil Cannella urges consumers to safeguard against this and protect your assets against the potential costs of long term care in the event you may someday need it.


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