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Phil Cannella and Joann Small at This Week’s Crash Proof Retirement™ Event

I’m getting kind of lonely back here at the office, with everyone out at the Crash Proof Retirement Event at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Princeton, NJ.  Luckily our intrepid reporter Kean was on the scene to snap a few pictures of the guys getting set up.   You can see some members of the Crash Proof Retirement™ Team getting set up for the event, there’s Alex in the foreground, and Stringer talking to Phil Cannella about how to get things situated. Keith is nowhere to Read More +

Phil Cannella’s Event Preparation – Billionaires Dumping American Stocks and Bonds

I want to give a shout-out to Dan Dougherty! He came in today and gave Phil Cannella some very important information about billionaires pulling out of the stock market! Great points to make at tomorrow’s seminar and every week!  Apparently famed people from Warren Buffet to George Soros are selling off their shares and stocks at a mad rate! John is putting this together in bullet points for Phil Cannella to cover at tomorrow’s educational event. Although the market appears to be going up what Read More +

Another Kudos to Phillip Cannella and Joann Small!

As our day was coming to an end at the office, Phil Cannella and Joann Small were just returning from a late lunch. Staying true to their character, the two of them came bearing gifts as they lined up the break room with an assortment of wraps and sandwiches for the office to enjoy. Perhaps the best part of this experience was sharing a caesar wrap with my snack bro. Once again, I am giving Phil and Joann major kudos for their generosity.

Crash Proof Event in Downington 2/6/13

For those of you who had to stick around the office and hold the fort, I thought I would share with you how the event was yesterday. Also, I am gonna get a little tricky here, as this post will serve as THREE DIFFERENT CATEGORIES! Gonna be giving out some Kudos, while also providing some Client Feedback, all while recapping a Crash Proof Event. So stay with me as I attempt to pull off this incredible feat. First and foremost, another big kudos to Mike and the production crew. You Read More +

Kudos to Our Friend Abroad

Given that our friend and colleague, Brook Zimmatore, works on a different continent, his excellent work here at the firm often gets accomplished without a pat on the back from the bulk of us Yankees here in the States. So to express some recognition to our foreign friend, I would like to send a kudos to Brook. Yes, there may be billions of gallons of salt water separating us, but it’s going to take a lot more than that for your work here not to get noticed and Read More +

Kudos to Phil Cannella and Joann Small for the Feast!

Kudos to Phil Cannella and Joann Small for the feast in the office today! Just after finishing my delicious turkey BLT from Panera Bread I thought it would be a good time to thank Phil Cannella for buying the office lunch today. However, as we all know, Phil can be very elusive in the busy hours of the work day. So rather than hunt him down, I figured this would be a great opportunity to write the site’s first Kudos. So here goes! Kudos to Read More +